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This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Texarkana Gazette, Inc. The Vela Incident, also known as the South Atlantic Flash, was an unidentified double flash of light detected by an American Vela Hotel satellite on 22 September 1979 near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica. While a double-flash signal is characteristic of a nuclear weapons test in the atmosphere, the signal could also have been due to a meteoroid hitting the Vela satellite. All of the previous 41 double flashes detected by the Vela satellites were confirmed to be nuclear explosions.

B Satellites in a clean room. The two satellites are separated after launch. Bhangmeter light patterns detected by a pair of sensors on Vela satellite 6911 on 22 Sep 1979. After the event was made public, the United States Department of Defense clarified that it was either a bomb blast or a combination of natural phenomena, such as lightning, a meteor, or a glint from the Sun. Vela Hotel 6911 data, and to attempt to determine whether the optical flash detected came from a nuclear test.